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Training Board Packages     
  **I place a strong emphasis on going back to the basics and making sure not to rush through important learning experiences. My philosophy is to never force a horse or rider into a job they don’t like, aren’t suitable for, or can’t do. Everyone, including the horses, should have a good time and be comfortable in the task at hand. I specialize in bringing along young horses, and have a real passion for working with
the babies and molding them into well balanced and adjusted individuals. A strong foundation builds them a better and longer life ahead and makes obstacles easier for them and their owners to overcome.
Basic Training
-       All items included in  Field Board & or Full Care
-     Includes 4 Lessons or Rides per Month
                                Field - $550    Stall - $650
Boot Camp
-       All items included in  Field Board & Full Care & Elite Care
-      Includes  12 Lessons or Rides a Month (Can be
        Combination of both)
                                Field - $900 Stall - $1000
Baby Boot Camp
-       All Items in Field & Full Care & Elite Care
-      Includes Daily Handling & Manners Training
-      Includes Tailor Made Training program based on age
-      Weanling through Breaking
-      **Can prep & Handle for Inspections**Up charges for
-      **If your baby is a Handful…Let me Address it early!**
-      **This is my Passion & Specialty!**
                                    Field - $550  Stall - $650
 Ala Carte
-       Mane Pulling  $20-$50
-      Clipping
                         Full - $150 
                         Trace $100                  
                         Trim $10
-      Braiding      
                        Mane - $50      
                        Tail - $40

-      Sheath Cleaning - $30
-      Bandaging - $6/Day
-      Hand Walking - $5/Per Walk
-      Trailering - $75 + $1/mile loaded (must load well and 
                            be ready/extra costs for time)
-      Training Day Fee for Shows - $150
-      Laundry Services   
                        - Pads/Wraps/Fly Wear - $20/month  
                        – Sheets - $10/sheet   
                        – Blankets - $15/Blanket
 **Items you NEED for your horse**
-       2 T/O Sheets
-       2 T/O Blankets
-       2 Fly Sheets & Masks
**I do accept Young horses Weanlings or Foals needing to  
    be weaned still on mare’s side**
**NO Cribbers or Wood Chewers**
**NO Stallions (other than young colts)**
**NO Major Behavioral Disorders**
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