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Poulin Grain Company
I am proud to be a new dealer for Poulin Grains. This is a company with extremely high quality standards, much more so than most in the field. They are very customer service orientated and have a hands on policy to formulated the proper diet for your 4 legged friends. Forage testing of hay is even offered to make sure the diet is spot on. This is extra especially useful for those Equines with metabolic issues such as insulin resistance or Cushings disease. I can offer a wide variety of LOW CARB/SUGAR high quality FAT feeds that are much healthier than other grain based diets and carry some of the lowest NSC levels on the market! I can't say enough good things about these feeds. If you are interested in setting up a farm nutritional meeting for you or a group please contact me. If you are thinking about maybe a switch you won't be sorry! The quality rivals all the top of the line feeds yet beats them hands down in the pricing since they don't spend their money on advertising they spend it on the quality products going into their feeds! My farm has
made the switch (I personally was feeding Triple Crown Feeds).
**Small orders for local delivery or pick up at my farm monthly or I can also do very large orders to working farms direct shipping**
**Please contact me directly for more information**
EQUI-PRO® E-TEC™ Senior Low Carb     $19.00
EQUI-PRO® Premium Senior with Glucosamine     $20.00
EQUI-PRO® FIBRE-MAX™     $20.00 
EQUI-PRO® E-TEC™     $17.00
EQUI-PRO® Mare & Foal     $18.00
EQUI-PRO® Carb-Safe      $20.00
EQUI-PRO® MVP Supplement Pellet     $26.00
**Please ask for pricing.these are just some favorites**
**All Poulin Grain products are availble**
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