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I feed only the highest quality concentrates and forages. I believe nutrition to be of the utmost importance and should never be overlooked. Many of our Equine friends require special diets, which can be formulated based on their specific needs. I am well versed in caring for horses with Metabolic disorders along with the geriatric or starved. I feed a diet low is sugar (NSC%), so it is safe for most all horses. I use Poulin ETEC pelleted feed which can be fed through every stage of life. Alfalfa pellets are also fed year round (Hot meals in the Winter), which makes a lovely easily digestible mash.  Full Care Horses get as much Alfalfa/Orchard mix hay in their Stall that they will eat, outside will either have same hay or large bale depending on field. Field Boarded horses will have free choice large square or round bales in their sheds in months without grass, large bale hay is Orchard/Field Grass/Alfalfa/Clover/or a Mix.
Included in any Boarding Package:
-       Up to 4 QTS  Daily, may be a combination of a few
       different options including "One" Pellet, Fibre-Max,
       Balancer, and Alfalfa pellets.
**Up Charges based on Specific dietary needs over these amounts or for other feeds..50 cents a QT**
Additions Monthly:
Soybean Oil $20 
Ultra-Flex Joint $30  
MSM $30
**Please ask for other items**
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