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Farrier & Veterinary Care
NZ Forge – Unlike most facilities we have our own in house Professional Farrier, Hayden Luke. See more info in Bio. Appointments will be scheduled for you and you are not required to be there to hold your Horse at no extra charge! Never worry about a lost shoe & you won’t need to take that drive to the hospital to get major reconstructive work done! *Other Farriers can be used But you will have to handle your own appointments*
Chesapeake Veterinary Services &  Brooke Bowman DVMDr. Bowman is local and within a very quick drive of the farm. He specializes in Repro and lameness evaluations. He is available for x-rays/blocks/injections along with emergencies and routine Coggins/Yearly Vaccinations. He is also owner at Heritage Stallions. Great to have him on board! 
Jennifer Wright DVM -General practice
Laura Tasker DVM Dr. Tasker are available for Acupuncture  to add to your partners wellness program.
Bayview Equine Dentistry- Pete Snyder
**I will schedule routine Coggins & Vaccines for the farm horses **
**I will hold for routine visits and emergencies if I am available**
**You may use your own Vet but you will have to handle your own appointments**
**I keep certain medicines on hand at all times in case of emergencies**
**I am well versed in leg/wound care as well as lameness diagnosis**
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