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Boarding Packages
 ** NO Cribbers, Wood Chewers, Stallions (unless colts),
     Dangerous behavior issues**

Field Board
-        Includes New Oversized run-in with stone dust floor.
-       1-4 Horses in field. No Turning Out in Herds! I always  
         ensure that horse are paired so their personalities match.
-       Custom Feeding Program based on your Horses 
        nutritional needs. I am a rep for Poulin Grain!
-       Fed once a day (Twice for horses eating large amounts of
-       I will feed other Owner provided Supplements, I prefer
        SmartPak or premade baggies if over 3 types.                
-       Large Square or Round Bales of Hay in sheds for months
         without grass
-       Worming on 3 month Rotation
-       Mineral/Salt block in fields
-       Flay spray 1 time a day  (Repel-x & or Skin So Soft) , 
        (Sunblock $5/month charge)
-       Blanketing/masks
-       Basic wound care (Owner provided Medicine)
-       Use of Tack & Feed Rooms
-       Use of SFF Supplies in Wash Stall
-       **Special Gift for permanent boarders SFF Leather Farm
         Halter & Plate**
Full Care
-       All items included in  Field Board
-       12 X 12 fully matted stall, properly bedded in saw dust, 
         cleaned 1 or more times a day
-       Fans in Summer
-       Himalayan Salt blocks
-       **Stall Plate for permanent boarders**
Elite Care
-        All Items in Field & Full Care
-       Grooming 2 times a week
-       Mane pulling
-       Face/Fetlock Trims
-       Bathing/Vacuuming as needed
-       Laundry Service for Pads/Wraps/Fly wear
Elite Retirement
-       All Items in Field & Full Care & Elite Care
-       Special Feeding Program for those with special Medical or
         Dental needs
-       Weekly exercise provided for those who are willing and 
         able  to go on Hacks or are up for a little Ring work.
-       Hoof Trimming as needed (Extra cost for Shoeing)
-       **Monthly pictures emailed to owners who live far away**
-       **Great for the High Level Competitor turning Retiree…
         they expect & deserve Pampering!**
-       **Exceptional Elder Care**
Lay Up
-       All Items in Field & Full Care
-       Stalls cleaned twice daily
-       Hand walking or limited turnout
-       Bandaging, Leg & or Wound Care
-       Medications Administered
**Based on availability. Stall or Run-in, Feed & Hay included.
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